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August 3, 2005

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[Plane taking off]

Today is ‘the day’, the departure date is finally here. Stefano is flying to his Oklahoma destination, and we are trying to follow his trip with the help of his flight schedule and short messages from his cellphone (too bad cellphones don’t work on planes). He should be in Boston Logan now …

Update: as expected, the European cellphone Stefano brought with him doesn’t work in the USA, and for some reason he can’t make international calls from public phones in the airports. So we hope for the best, and we’ll call him and his host family at home tomorrow.

Latest update: we just made that phone call as planned, everything is fine, the timezone gap is seven hours between Oklahoma and Italy, and that means they are having lunch while we are having dinner … that could be a good time to exchange phone calls, let’s take note.

So, that’s all for today. Good night, and don’t miss our future updates!

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