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Pivot 1.30 released

July 17th, 2006 No comments


Pivot 1.30 contains new features like very effective spam-fighting tools, a fast and flexible WYSIWIG editor, much improved Atom and RSS feeds, and countless more fixes and smaller improvements.” Even a few security issues have been resolved.

Quite a few things have changed since 1.2x, so the developers have written a small script that checks for the things you need to change to get 1.30 running smoothly. For instance, it makes sure you’ve removed redundant tags from your templates, and that all of the required files are writable.

For additional information, please read the release announcement.

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Blosxom 2.0.2 released

July 17th, 2006 No comments


Today Kevin Scaldeferri released Blosxom 2.0.2, which contains several small bugfixes for the static mode and the inclusion of Blosxom in Server Side Includes (SSI) as well as a feature which supports better readability of Blosxom’s DATA section.

The release announcement has been published on The Unofficial Blosxom User Group website, while the release notes are available on SourceForge for details.

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