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Pivot 1.40 released

December 24th, 2006 No comments


Pivot 1.40 has been released, just in time for the holidays. The major things that are new in this version are:

* Tagging functionality (tagclouds, tagpages, tags for each entry)
* A new Image Cropping Tool
* Major improvements to the Registered Visitors functionality
* A new set of default templates
* You can format the output of the search results to your liking
* Popups now use Thickbox to display images
* Comment Moderation
* Greatly improved Metaweblog API support
* A new ‘Registered Visitors’ administration screen, so you can disable, verify and delete them
* The pages for Visitor Registration, Pivot errors and ‘self registration’ are now themeable
* And lots more smaller enhancements and bugfixes

For additional information, please see the release announcement and the changelog for Pivot 1.40.

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