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b2evolution 1.10 beta

May 2nd, 2007 No comments


This is a beta version but as it is built on top of the super stable version 1.9.3, we’re pretty confident that it is stable already.

However there have been enough antispam core changes to warrant this a beta label just in case some side-effects would appear.

There are three main improvements in this version:

* As already mentioned, it blocks even more spam than before;
* It looks better, especially with the new Miami Blue skin;
* It adds new features with new bundled plugins, like YouTube videos, code highlighting and XML sitemaps.

For additional information on improvements and bug fixes, please read the release announcement.

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OpenCms 7 RC1 available

May 2nd, 2007 No comments


The first release candidate of OpenCms 7 is now available. Features of the OpenCms 7 RC1 include, among others:

* The internal link management has been greatly improved.
* If files (or folders) are moved / renamed, all links to these files are now kept intact.
* Deleting a resource that is linked by other resources does now display a warning / confirmation dialog.
* The new “Content Relationship Engine” (CRE) allows defining arbitrary relations between OpenCms resources.

For a full list of features and the planned roadmap to OpenCms 7 final, please read the release announcement.

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