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Xoops Cube Legacy 2.1.2

September 29th, 2007 No comments

[Xoops Cube]

Xoops Cube Legacy (or Package Legacy) 2.1.2 is a bug fixing release with minor changes from 2.1.1.

The release announcement contains the upgrading instructions, the changelog, the contributors list, and a tentative roadmap:

* release 2.1.3: October or November;
* release 2.2.0: December or January.

The article then explains the project decentralized structure “if you want to watch the hero who exercises leadership in this project, you need to go to other projects” and how to take a part in Xoops Cube development.

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MDPro 1.082 released

September 29th, 2007 No comments


This version adds some new functions, optimizes performance, and fixes some security issues. “We invite all admins to update all sites ASAP, all versions prior to MDPro 1.081 are now unsupported, in special mode MDPro 1.076, its code is now too old and unsecure, you must upgrade!

What’s new in MDPro 1.082:
– improved media files management;
– tinymce updated to last version;
– added horizontal menus with MDMenus;
– moved all manuals online;
– default theme now W3C compatible.

Additional details are posted in the release announcement.

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WordPress 2.3 is ready

September 25th, 2007 No comments


WordPress 2.3 is a much awaited release including many new features. The most significant are native tagging support, WP and plugin update notification, and URL handling improvements.

Native tagging support allows you to use tags in addition to categories on your posts, while update notification “lets you know when there is a new release of WordPress or when any of the plugins you use has an update available. It works by sending your blog URL, plugins, and version information to our new service which then compares it to the plugin database and tells you whats the latest and greatest you can use.

There are also many new features for developers, e.g. full Atom 1.0 support, use of the new jQuery, and new hooks and filters to override things like the update system, the dashboard RSS feeds, or the feed parser.

For full details, please refer to the release announcement by Matt Mullenweg.

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Simple PHP Blog 0.5.1

September 23rd, 2007 No comments

[Simple PHP Blog]

This version not only has the fixes for the exploits recently discovered, but it also contains other partially completed functions and plugins.

The changelog:
– New options to show specific category as initial page (unless user picks another category);
– Fixed specific security vulnerabilities found in upload_img and themes;
– Added center button and support to editor per forum requests.

For details, please refer to the release announcement.

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b2evolution 2.0.1

September 18th, 2007 No comments


b2evolution version 2.0.1 has been released.

Basically, there’s been no major show stopper bug in 2.0.0 but we have fixed a lot of little annoying things. If you’re happy with 2.0.0, no urge to upgrade. But no real reason to hold back either.

b2evo 2.0.1 contains a fixed Movable Type importer, display and CSS improvements, and internationalization (fr and de languages are included).

More information is available in the release announcement.

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Tikiwiki 1.9.8 released

September 13th, 2007 No comments


Tikiwiki 1.9.8 is possibly the last of the 1.9.x series before release 1.10. It contains more than 1000 commits which include many bugfixes, minor feature enhancements, better translations, etc.

This release contains also security fixes, specifically it solves an HTML EMBED object injection issue, so update from previous versions is strongly recommended.

To learn more, you can read the release announcement or the changelog included in the download archive.

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OpenCms 7.0.2

September 12th, 2007 No comments


Version 7.0.2 of OpenCms is available for download.

The release contains several new features and other improvements, especially for writing JSP templates. A number of issues reported by the OpenCms community since the release of 7.0.1 have also been fixed.

For more information and a changelog, please read the release announcement.

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Interview with Philippe Archambault

September 11th, 2007 No comments


Frog is a very young but promising project, aiming to port Radiant CMS, a Ruby on Rails application, to the PHP world. Its project leader is Philippe Archambault, who has kindly agreed to a virtual interview with

BW: Philippe, thank you very much for your time. First, can you tell us a little about yourself?

PA: Hi Andrea! I’m a 25 years old freelancer from Canada. Before starting freelance, I worked at a Linux consulting company in Montreal for about 2 years. It is there that I gained expertise as a project manager and PHP/MySQL developer.

BW: When and why did you start the Frog project?

PA: I started this project for one reason, to port Radiant CMS to the PHP language. The first line of code was written in December 2006, and the first public beta was released in January 2007.

Now that I receive more and more emails about issues or feature requests for Frog, I realize that Frog is more used than I was thinking and this is why I am taking this project more seriously; but I’m still doing it for my own pleasure, when I have time and if I’m feeling for it.

BW: What advantages and features will Frog offer over the other systems currently available?

PA: First it’s the simplicity and the flexibility of the administration backend. The concept is really simple, with hierachical pages, flexible parts (body, sidebar, summary, …), flexible layout and a professional administration layout. To this, I have added a really simple file management that is also very easy to use.

Secondly it’s the easy customization and adaptation to user needs. The important thing is that you don’t need to learn a new template language. Frog lets you write PHP code anywhere in a page, and in general this is what almost any webmaster can do.

BW: What improvements can we expect in the next Frog release? Do you have an estimated 1.0 release date?

PA: Frog will have new core features like a caching system, more flexible user roles and permissions and maybe a skin mutation to make Frog more unique.

The 1.0 release will be ready next year, and I hope to celebrate the first Frog birthday, in January 2008, with all those core features in it.

BW: Is there anything else you wish to add for BlogsWeek readers?

PA: Thanks to all open source CMS (Typo3, WordPress, Joomla!, …) to let me know the importance of sharing knowledge. And thanks to all of you who use Frog and report issues on it, or just send me an email saying thanks. It’s all those little things that make me happy when I work on the Frog project, for myself and for the whole user community.

BW: Philippe, thank you for the interview and all the best for your projects!

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b2evolution 2.0.0

September 9th, 2007 No comments


b2evolution 2.0.0 has been released. Among the new features:

* New admin interface
* Enhanced configuration options
* Revised skins system
* Revised user permissions systems

This version is functional enough to run on production sites, however it has not been extensively tested in all different scenarios, and the skinning API in this release is not final. That is the main reason why it’s labeled as an alpha release.

For additional details, please read the release announcement.

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Pligg beta 9.8

September 8th, 2007 No comments


Pligg Beta 9.8 contains several bug fixes and an improved template. “Pretty soon we will be releasing our stable 1.0 version, which should be the most stable and efficient version of Pligg yet.

Details of the changes for Pligg beta 9.8 can be found in the release announcement.

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