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Chester Gould

February 11th, 2006

[Dick Tracy]

Chester Gould was born in Pawnee, Oklahoma, in 1900. Later his family moved to Stillwater, where he attended Oklahoma State University. In 1921 he decided to move to Chicago, with only $50 in his pocket, a suitcase and his portfolio.

His dream was to become a cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune; he spent 10 years working on other papers while submitting ideas to the Tribune. At last his idea of a detective story, filled with action and fast-paced, the first of its kind, was accepted and the “Dick Tracy” comic strip was born.

Dick Tracy became so popular that it appeared on the front page of the New York Daily News for 45 consecutive years, and it was seen in 27 foreign papers.

Chester Gould’s biography notes come from The Chester Gould – Dick Tracy Museum; and the picture is the DVD cover of the 1990 movie “Dick Tracy” directed by Warren Beatty.

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