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Easter eggs, Southwest style

April 2nd, 2006

[Easter eggs]

I have found this nice article by Juanita Browne, published 21 years ago in the March-April issue of Mother Earth News magazine. The author explains how to paint Easter eggs with the beautiful designs of the Southwest’s Native Americans.

I won’t report here the many suggestions to find natural dye materials (nature provides quite a palette for you to choose colors from), the detailed dyeing instructions, and the decoration and finishing tips you can find in the article; I think you’d better read the original.

I’ll just report this note of caution: don’t eat a dyed egg unless you know positively that the dye you used is nontoxic. Rather than eat ours, we can save the eggs we color and add them to our collection for Easters to come. Cooked eggs can be preserved for years, if they aren’t cracked, because the inside will gradually harden and shrink away from the shell. If one should crack, though, grab your gas mask and throw the egg away quickly!

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