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Etomite 0.6.1 final released

April 13th, 2006


Etomite 0.6.1 final (Prelude) is now available for download from SourceForge. “Many new features have been added into this release which address authentication of visitors and/or users from the website side of a site. This means that you can now create custom interfaces which can be used to limit access to certain areas of your website.

Due to size constraints of the code base only the TinyMCE editor has been included in the download packages. Both FCKeditor and Xinha will also be made available as add-ins and should work without major adjustments by simply uploading the packages into your Etomite installation. Once installed, Etomite will recognize that the packages have been installed and will display them as editor options within the Etomite configuration panels.

For additional information, please refer to the release announcement in the Etomite forum.


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