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Exponent 0.96.5 beta

July 22nd, 2006


The Exponent Development Team is pleased to announce Exponent 0.96.5 beta. “This is our beta release and will be the last release before full stable GA. This code is considered beta quality, so use at your own risk. However, the codebase has been tested quite extensively and we feel it is very solid overall. We welcome and encourage reporting bugs on the Exponent Project Source Forge bug tracker.

This version includes various enhancements to the system, the largest being the initial implementation of the system-level language subsystem. This implementation isolates all system-level strings (e.g.: error messages, administrative wording, etc.) into a language pack, which allows site owners to translate their core site into different languages. Other changes in this release include performance enhancements and many security fixes.

For additional information, please see the release notes on SourceForge project page.


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