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March 8th, 2007


EllisLab (formerly pMachine) is a privately-held technology company, founded by Rick Ellis, that develops web publishing software.

The first developed tool was a publishing app called pMachine, which was released in 2001. pMachine is no longer under development, but is now freely available and continues to find a large audience.

The next-generation publishing system, ExpressionEngine, was released in February of 2004, and was initially available with paid-only licenses.

Starting with ExpressionEngine 1.4, released on December 16, 2005, ExpressionEngine comes in three versions:

* EE Core (free): Limited features, no tech support, for personal (non-commercial) or non-profit use only.

* EE Personal (paid): All features and tech support, for personal or non-profit use only.

* EE Commercial (paid): All features and tech support, for commercial use.

ExpressionEngine is a PHP and MySQL application. To determine if your hosting environment can support EE, a simple wizard is available for download on the ExpressionEngine website.


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