SilverStripe 2.2.0 released

November 28th, 2007 No comments


SilverStripe 2.2.0 is “a major release containing a staggering quantity of new features and work from our ten Google Summer of Code students and an equally impressive effort from the core team.

SilverStripe 2.2.0 has a redesigned interface and workflow, with many usability improvements, removed clutter from the interface, and reduced steps to perform common tasks.

Additional features include:

* Multiple language support
* Image uploading and online image editing
* Sitemap.xml file for search engines
* Graphical reporting system
* Web wide single sign-on via OpenID
* Newsletter module enhancements

For full details, please see the release announcement.

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Habari 0.3.3 Developer Release

November 25th, 2007 No comments


Habari 0.3.3 Developer’s Release is now available. Version 0.3.3 “contains several minor code changes and, most significantly, an updated plugin validation function. This fix should solve the issue some users reported with the plugin administration page stalling. If you have had trouble with plugin administration, Habari 0.3.3 should resolve this issue.

For additional information, please see the release announcement.

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One Hundred Years Of Oklahoma!

November 16th, 2007 No comments

[One Hundred Years Of Oklahoma!]

Plenty of air and plenty of room …
Plenty of heart and plenty of hope …

These well known lyrics of the Oklahoma! song by Rodgers and Hammerstein capture the two sides of Oklahoma that make it great: nature and people.

In the same way the Oklahoma Centennial celebrates the awesome richness of the Oklahoma’s nature, and the history, culture, and achievements of its wonderful people.

As novelist Edna Ferber once said, “Almost anything can happen in Oklahoma. Almost everything has.” From the state’s early history, with land runs, frontier settlement, the oil boom, and the depression, to more recent history, Oklahomans are showing their leadership in many fields, and are looking forward with confidence to their future.

Happy Birthday, Oklahoma!

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ExpressionEngine 1.6.1

November 13th, 2007 No comments


ExpressionEngine 1.6.1 “includes all of the bug fixes and enhancements made since the release of 1.6, as well as plenty of new toys.

For details, please see the release announcement. All the 1.6.1 additions and corrections are detailed in the changelog.

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Interview with Coldstone of GreyMatter

November 10th, 2007 No comments


Coldstone, the current lead developer of GreyMatter, has been kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions by Here’s the full interview.

BW: Coldstone, thank you very much for your time. Would you please tell us a little about yourself, and your involvement with the GreyMatter project?

Coldstone: I began using GreyMatter around August of 2006. I had started to dig into the code and started going to, for answers and to help other people with some of the difficulties I ran into when using GM. I had been going to the forums for less than a month when the maintainer at the time had some issues and closed the forums for good.

I spent a few weeks seeing if they would come back and searching Google to see if anyone else had started a new home for GreyMatter. After talking to a few of the previous developers, as well as Noah Grey, I decided to start up a new forum for GreyMatter.

BW: GreyMatter is an established blog platform with a loyal audience. What are in your view the strong points of this platform, that could motivate new users to try it?

Coldstone: What attracted me initially was that GreyMatter didn’t require a database. I still feel this is one of its strongest selling points. I think databases are great and one of my goals was to make GreyMatter flexible enough to use either system (flat file or database). My own motivation is that I didn’t want to pay more to my webhost for a database, so I found GreyMatter to be a perfect fit.

After working on it, I feel that its template system is really the strongest point. It’s very flexible and it really gives the user a great deal of control over how their blog will appear. As development continues, I think the anti-spam features are becoming more useful to users.

BW: GreyMatter development has been very active again in the last twelve months. Could you tell us something about the recent improvements? And what can we expect from GreyMatter in the near future?

Coldstone: My driving goal in the last 12 months has been primarily to clean up the existing code. I do not want to dismiss the fine efforts of previous developers of Greymatter. There was simply a lot of copy and pasted code, that was leading to bugs in GreyMatter. Sometimes even something as simple as a misspelled word would cause a template rendering issue.

I think that by cleaning up the code, it will make it easier for future developers to extend GreyMatter. There have been several efforts in the past to completely redo GreyMatter and I think that’s a very ambitious goal. At the end of the day, GreyMatter works for users. By doing incremental changes over two years, I think we will have a very good program.

Additionally, the GreyMatter development team has also been looking at security and spam control enhancements, such as setting a limit to the amount of links that can be posted in a comment. New features in the works are an integrated RSS feature, tags, and a draft feature, that will give users more flexibility when composing entries.

BW: Is there anything else you wish to add for BW readers?

Coldstone: I feel lucky to have found GreyMatter as I enjoy using it, but I am very grateful to the community that continues to use and support GreyMatter. I would like to thank Pete Finnigan and Carlos Phelps, as they are the other part of the GreyMatter team. They have provided expertise that I lack on numerous occasions, as well as many other contributions.

I have tried to setup GreyMatter so that when I am no longer as active on the project, it will be easy for the next developer to step in and take the reins. As each developer steps down, it is always the community that steps up to keep GreyMatter going and I am grateful for the chance to be a part of that community.

BW: Coldstone, thank you again for the interview and all the best with GreyMatter and all your projects!

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November 9th, 2007 No comments


bBlog is a “personal publishing system written in PHP and released as free, Open Source software under the GPL. It is a flexible but simple way to blog that works for blogging beginners, and can grow with users needs.

bBlog has not only the features you would expect from a modern blogging system, but also capabilities including comment spam prevention and threaded comments. Perhaps bBlog’s most distinctive feature is that it is built around the templating system called Smarty, which makes customizing your blog as easy as editing any web page, no programming skills required.

bBlog is based on the MySQL database. Its first version, 0.4, was released in June 2003, and the latest available release is bBlog 0.7.6, released on July 18, 2005.

Currently bBlog is no longer actively maintained, and there are no plans to carry on with development. There was an attempt to resurrect the project (Loquacity 0.8 alpha1 was released on May 30, 2006), but no further progress has since been made.

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MODx available

November 8th, 2007 No comments


MODx is a maintenance release with several important bug fixes.

Please note that there is a remaining bug in the 0.9.6.x installer: when selecting the Chunks, Modules, Plugins, and Snippets you want to install, selecting or deselecting individual checkboxes within each group does not work as expected.

For details of the changes since version 0.9.6, please see the release announcement and the related changelog.

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OpenCms 7.0.3 released

November 7th, 2007 No comments


OpenCms version 7.0.3 is now available for download.

With OpenCms 7.0.3, a number of issues that persisted in the 7.0.2 release have been fixed. Some new feature have been added as well.

Among the new features, there is database support for DB2 and for HSQL. To learn more, please read the OpenCms release announcement.

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b2evolution 2.1.0 released

November 7th, 2007 No comments


The most important thing about this release is that the Skins 2.x API is now stable, meaning: this is the last time you’ll really need to upgrade your custom skin!

Other changes in b2evolution 2.1.0:

* More SEO settings;
* Refactored blog settings;
* Enhanced commenting system with comment ratings;
* Cleaned up comment submission form and comment editing form.

For additional information, please read the release announcement.

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PHP-Fusion 6.01.13

November 4th, 2007 No comments


PHP-Fusion 6.01.13 is “primarily just a maintenance update which resolves a list of smaller issues such as minor bugs and fixes, W3C validation errors, etc.

An update package from 6.01.12 to 6.01.13 is also available. For details, please read the PHP-Fusion release announcement.

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