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Route 66

August 28th, 2005

[Route 66]

Old Route 66, long replaced by Interstates, goes from Chicago (IL) to St Louis (MO), to Tulsa, Edmond, Oklahoma City (OK), to Amarillo (TX), to Albuquerque (NM), to Flagstaff (AZ), to Los Angeles (CA).

Route 66 was commissioned in 1926, picking up many pieces of existing roads. Only 800 miles of the total 2,500 were paved at the time, and only in 1937 Route 66 got paved end-to-end.

Route 66, the Mother Road, provided hope to the farmers of the Dust Bowl era going to California to find a new life, and to post World War II Americans moving west. Route 66 symbolizes the road to opportunity, to freedom and adventure.

Current maps do not include old Route 66, but many parts of it are still available to adventurous travelers. For a virtual tour, or for planning a real one, you can visit The Road Wanderer and Historic Route 66.

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