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Simple PHP Blog 0.4.9

September 9th, 2006 No comments

[Simple PHP Blog]

Simple PHP Blog 0.4.9 has been released, with many bugfixes and also a few improvements in the area of spam control, including for instance:

* Blacklisted IPs – IPs that cannot create a comment for a blog entry;
* Moderation screen – Can edit all blog moderation options from here;
* Ban IP button in comments listing when logged in – Can add an IP directly to the listing from the comments view;
* Banned words – This list will not allow entry of comments that contain these words in the URL, name, email or comments;
* Closed the anti spam hole that allowed for spam to be entered with a blank capcha.

For additional details, please refer to the release announcement.

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RunCms site lost

September 8th, 2006 No comments


As explained in A new start from scratch for RunCms, the former RunCms website administrator left the project a few weeks ago, and somehow the site database was lost.

The remaining project members are rebuilding the site from scratch, and this probably will take some time. For the moment, the download section has been restored and RunCms version 1.4.1 is available, together with two fixpacks released on September 5 and 6.

In the meantime, it appears that the former RunCms administrator is going to continue development on a newly created parallel branch, named RUNetCMS. The post Welcome to our new site announces: “RunCms is evolving and is now entering level 3 … RUNetCMS will be your next CMS”.

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LifeType 1.1 available

September 6th, 2006 No comments


LifeType 1.1 has just been released and is available for download from

The new features and general improvements include:

* a disk based data cache;
* reduction (in half) of memory usage;
* articles, categories, links, resources, users are now searchable;
* API cleanup and improvement;
* replaced HTMLArea visual editor with TinyMCE;
* and much more.

For full details, please refer to the release announcement.

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Tikiwiki 1.9.5

September 5th, 2006 No comments


This release fixes the current exploits and brings many bugfixes and improvements.

The developers suggest to upgrade soon to protect your installation against the current attacks. For details, please see the release announcement and the changelog.

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eZ publish 3.8.4

September 5th, 2006 No comments

[eZ publish]

The releases of eZ publish 3.8.4 (with 3.7.9 and 3.6.11) fix security issues of high severity.

In general, site owners who cannot trust their editors should upgrade immediately. All users of the shop functionality of eZ publish are urged to upgrade to the latest versions.

For more information on the fixed security issues, please read the release announcement.

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Mambo 4.5.4 SP2

September 3rd, 2006 No comments


Team Mambo has released Security Patch 2 for Mambo version 4.5.4.

This patch fixes a number of security vulnerabilities and provides some additional hardening of the application. It is recommended that everyone apply this patch as soon as possible.

For additional information please refer to the release announcement.

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ExpressionEngine 1.5

August 31st, 2006 No comments


The pMachine team is pleased to introduce ExpressionEngine 1.5, the Simple Commerce module, the Discussion Forums module 1.3.1, and the Wiki module 1.1.

ExpressionEngine 1.5 “is a major release bringing integrated commerce to ExpressionEngine along with an additional 70 features and enhancements.

The Simple Commerce Module fully integrates the purchasing power of PayPal into your existing ExpressionEngine site with this easy to use, flexible solution.

Customizable email notifications for each product, member group assignment upon purchase, built in encryption, and automated purchase tracking through PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification service give you the power you need to run your own store.

The Simple Commerce Module is included free with ExpressionEngine Personal and Commercial licenses.

For a full list of the new ExpressionEngine 1.5 features and enhancements, please read the release announcement and the change log.

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Joomla! 1.0.11

August 29th, 2006 No comments


Joomla! 1.0.11 is available for download, and it is designated a Critical Security Release.

All existing Joomla! users must upgrade to this version, due to several high level vulnerabilities that affect all previous Joomla! versions.

1.0.11 contains 4 high level security fixes, 4 medium level, 18 low level and 25 general bug fixes. If you are using any previous version of Joomla!, you need to upgrade to 1.0.11 as soon as possible.

For full details, please read the release announcement and the 1.0.11 changelog.

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Movable Type 3.3 (3.3.1), 3.3.2

August 28th, 2006 No comments

[Movable Type]

July 12, 2006 – Six Apart “today released an upgrade to its flagship business blogging tool Movable Type. The company also announced significant summer price discounts across the entire Movable Type product line, while making its free personal license open to unlimited users with unlimited blogs.

Movable Type 3.3 introduces many new features, including:

* Tag Support and Tag Feeds.

* Widget Manager, to rearrange page content by drag-and-drop.

* Activity Feeds, to manage your entire blog, its comments and TrackBacks, and get information on your blog’s status with customizable feeds for administrators.

To learn all the details, please read the Six Apart press release.

Note: this update to Movable Type is being initially released as version 3.31 to sync version numbers with an earlier release in the Japanese market.

Update: August 28, 2006 – Movable Type has been updated to version 3.32. This is a recommended fix if you need any of the fixes listed in the release notes, but it’s not a required update.

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Xoops 2.0.15 released

August 25th, 2006 No comments


The Xoops development team “is pleased to announce the release of Xoops 2.0.15.

This is mainly a maintenance release containing various bugfixes. It also provides security enhancements and thus all 2.0.x users are strongly advised to upgrade.

For details please see the Xoops release announcement.

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