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Geeklog 1.4.0sr5 and 1.3.11sr7

July 23rd, 2006 No comments


July 16, 2006 – New security release for Geeklog: “JPCERT/CC informed us about a possible XSS in the comment handling that we’re fixing with the following releases:

* Geeklog 1.4.0sr5, available as a complete tarball and as an upgrade from 1.4.0sr4.
* Geeklog 1.3.11sr7, available as an upgrade from 1.3.11sr6 and as a combo update from any other 1.3.11 release.

Upgrades should be straightforward as you’ll only have to replace one file (lib-comment.php for Geeklog 1.4.0 and comment.php for Geeklog 1.3.11).

Source of this information is the Geeklog release announcement.

Update: July 23, 2006 – Last week’s security release introduced display problems in the comment preview that are now fixed with Geeklog 1.4.0sr5-1 and 1.3.11sr7-1.

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Exponent 0.96.5 beta

July 22nd, 2006 No comments


The Exponent Development Team is pleased to announce Exponent 0.96.5 beta. “This is our beta release and will be the last release before full stable GA. This code is considered beta quality, so use at your own risk. However, the codebase has been tested quite extensively and we feel it is very solid overall. We welcome and encourage reporting bugs on the Exponent Project Source Forge bug tracker.

This version includes various enhancements to the system, the largest being the initial implementation of the system-level language subsystem. This implementation isolates all system-level strings (e.g.: error messages, administrative wording, etc.) into a language pack, which allows site owners to translate their core site into different languages. Other changes in this release include performance enhancements and many security fixes.

For additional information, please see the release notes on SourceForge project page.

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The Webvida Theme Engine

July 21st, 2006 No comments


Webvida ThemeWorks are announcing the release of WTE, the Webvida Theme Engine, that opens up Smarty based theming to many open source CMS communities.

Among the features:

* The ability to custom template any page or area of your website
* Unlimited templates and block positions
* Individual block caching
* The use of Smarty logic within templates

WTE currently works with Postnuke, PHP-Nuke, Joomla and Mambo; the latest release is WTE Beta 0.1.4. You can download it, and find free and commercial WTE themes, at Themes Company of New Zealand.

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OpenCms 6.2.2 available

July 21st, 2006 No comments


Version 6.2.2 of OpenCms is now available for download.

OpenCms 6.2.2 is a maintenance release which fixes several issues reported in OpenCms 6.2.1.

Please check the release announcement and the release notes for further details.

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Packt Open Source CMS Award

July 20th, 2006 No comments

[Packt Publishing]

The Packt Open Source CMS Award is designed to recognize and reward an Open Source Content Management System selected by a panel of judges and visitors to the Packt Publishing website.

If you’re a fan of a particular CMS or if you’re part of a CMS project team, then we’re looking for your nominations. We want to compile a list of open source Content Management Systems that will be put forward to win $5,000 and the title of Packt Open Source CMS, 2006. The five CMS’s that receive the most nominations will go forward to the final round. First runner-up and second runner-up will not go away empty handed, taking away $3,000 and $2,000 respectively.

For details on the award and how to participate, please visit Packt Open Source CMS Award.

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Moved to another country

July 20th, 2006 No comments


Francisco Burzi, author of PHP-Nuke, has moved from Venezuela to Colombia. “In the next few days I’ll receive all my stuff and start to organize my new home and my new life that started today. In my development system, that didn’t arrive yet, I have the preliminary version of PHP-Nuke 8.0. As soon as I get my system I’ll start to work and finish it, so we can soon have a new stable version.

Good luck to Francisco, for his new life and for PHP-Nuke 8.0! Please refer to his announcement for additional information.

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eZ publish 3.8.2

July 19th, 2006 No comments

[eZ publish]

eZ publish 3.8.2 (and 3.6.9 and 3.7.7 for previous versions) has been released. “These releases contain fixes for the security issues described below. You are strongly advised to upgrade to the new versions. In addition to fixing the security issues, these versions include various bug fixes.

For additional information, please read the release announcement.

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Plone 2.5

July 19th, 2006 No comments


The Plone Foundation has announced the availability of Plone release 2.5.

With the addition of powerful caching technologies, Plone 2.5 enables websites to run 10 to 40 times faster than in previous versions. Plone 2.5 focuses on streamlining code, strengthening stability, and increasing flexibility. The release incorporates the latest generation of the underlying Zope application server, setting the groundwork for Plone Foundation’s anticipated 3.0 release, available early 2007. Plone 3.0 will substantially increase ease-of-use and efficiency through user interface improvements.

For more information, please read the full Plone 2.5 press release.

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Pivot 1.30 released

July 17th, 2006 No comments


Pivot 1.30 contains new features like very effective spam-fighting tools, a fast and flexible WYSIWIG editor, much improved Atom and RSS feeds, and countless more fixes and smaller improvements.” Even a few security issues have been resolved.

Quite a few things have changed since 1.2x, so the developers have written a small script that checks for the things you need to change to get 1.30 running smoothly. For instance, it makes sure you’ve removed redundant tags from your templates, and that all of the required files are writable.

For additional information, please read the release announcement.

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Blosxom 2.0.2 released

July 17th, 2006 No comments


Today Kevin Scaldeferri released Blosxom 2.0.2, which contains several small bugfixes for the static mode and the inclusion of Blosxom in Server Side Includes (SSI) as well as a feature which supports better readability of Blosxom’s DATA section.

The release announcement has been published on The Unofficial Blosxom User Group website, while the release notes are available on SourceForge for details.

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