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Tex Willer

October 14th, 2005

[Tex Willer]

Tex Willer is the longest-lived character of Italian comics; his stories have been published uninterruptedly for over fifty years, since 1948.

Tex is a real tough guy, ironic, anti-racist and enemy of all kinds of injustice. Tex is a Ranger and, after his marriage with the beautiful Lilyth, daughter of Navajo Chief Red Arrow, has become the honorary leader of the Navajos, with the name Eagle of the Night. Tex was deeply in love with his wife, and after her death has never become involved with any other woman.

In his many adventures (in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico) Tex can always count on two close friends: Kit Carson, an older Ranger, and Tiger Jack, a silent Navajo warrior. Tex and Lilyth’s son, Kit Willer, has later joined the trio.

Often Tex, Kit Carson, Tiger and Kit end up in a world of magic, where the western scenario mixes with horror, fantasy, and gothic themes. So Tex enemies are not only outlaws and rebels, but also black magician Mephisto, his son Yuma, or misterious secret sects.

To learn more, you can visit the site of the publisher, Sergio Bonelli Editore.

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