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December 13th, 2005

[Capitol Dome]

The State Capitol of Oklahoma was dedicated on June 30, 1917. Although originally designed with a dome, that part was postponed indefinitely because of World War I.

In 2000, $21 million were raised to build the missing dome; construction was completed two years later and the dome was dedicated on Statehood Day, November 16, 2002.

A 6,000 pound, 22-foot tall bronze statue stands on top of the capitol dome: the Guardian, an handsome Native American warrior figure representing Oklahoma heritage and values. It was sculpted by former State Senator Enoch Kelly Haney, a well known artist of Seminole and Creek descent.

Speaking as the voice for the statue he created, Haney said during the dedication ceremony: ” .. and I will stand guard here, over our great state, over our majestic land, over our values .. I will not be moved from my duty, from my love of Oklahoma and all of its people”.

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