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The Oklahoma State Seal

October 21st, 2005

[Oklahoma Seal]

Oklahoma was the 46th state to be admitted to the Union. The Oklahoma State Seal consists of a large five-pointed star surrounded by forty-five small stars, representing the 46 states of the USA at that time.

The center of the large star contains the seal of the Territory of Oklahoma, and its five rays contain the seals of the Five Indian Nations.

The seal of the Territory of Oklahoma depicts two representatives of the white and red races shaking hands beneath the scales of Justice.

The seals of the Five Indian Nations are: for the Cherokee Nation, a seven pointed star surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves; for the Chickasaw Nation, an ancient warrior standing with bow and shield; for the Creek Nation, a sheaf of wheat and a plow; for the Choctaw Nation, an unstrung bow, three arrows and a smoking pipe-hatchet; and for the Seminole Nation, a tribesman paddling a canoe across a lake, taking goods to sell at the Trading Post.

The circular band surrounding the seal reads: Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma 1907.

[From the Oklahoma Constitution, Article 6, Section 6-35]

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