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The Indian Blanket’s legend

August 26th, 2005 3 comments

An old Indian blanket maker produced such beautiful blankets that other Indians would travel many miles to trade for one. When the old blanket maker realized that he had only a short time left, he began weaving his own burial blanket.

When the old man died his family dutifully wrapped him in this blanket, which was to be his gift to the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit was very pleased because of the beauty of the gift, but also saddened, because only those in the Happy Hunting Ground would be able to appreciate it.

So, He decided to give this gift back … and the following spring, wildflowers of the colors and design of the old Indian’s blanket appeared in profusion upon his grave, to bloom and spread forever.

I have found this legend in the Oklahoma Department of Transportation website. In the last 15 years, ODOT has planted more than 2,000 acres of wildflowers along Oklahoma’s roadsides.

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