As its name implies, b2evolution is an evolution of b2/cafelog. It was started in early 2003 by Fran├žois Planque because the development of b2 had been discontinued (and the official b2 successor, WordPress, had not yet been named).

Key improvements on b2/cafelog include:

* Multiple categories and sub-categories
* Multiple blogs
* Displaying all feedback (comments, trackbacks and pingbacks) on same page
* Latest comments page
* Integrated XHTML validator: check that your posts/comments are valid XHTML and secure against cross site scripting
* Full internationalization (i18n) and several localizations (l10n) included. Toolkit to add your own translations provided.
* evoSkins (evolved blog skins): change the look & feel of your blog in a snap!
* Clean permalinks
* Draft status: hide posts until you want to publish them
* Private/Protected status: hide posts from non identified members
* Trackback and/or pingback on edit (multiple trackbacks/pingbacks allowed)
* Statistics based on logging of Referers, User Agents, etc… on blog pages and RSS feeds
* Comment and referrer spam prevention

b2evolution is a PHP and MySQL application, released under the GNU GPL (General Public License).


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