bBlog is a “personal publishing system written in PHP and released as free, Open Source software under the GPL. It is a flexible but simple way to blog that works for blogging beginners, and can grow with users needs.

bBlog has not only the features you would expect from a modern blogging system, but also capabilities including comment spam prevention and threaded comments. Perhaps bBlog’s most distinctive feature is that it is built around the templating system called Smarty, which makes customizing your blog as easy as editing any web page, no programming skills required.

bBlog is based on the MySQL database. Its first version, 0.4, was released in June 2003, and the latest available release is bBlog 0.7.6, released on July 18, 2005.

Currently bBlog is no longer actively maintained, and there are no plans to carry on with development. There was an attempt to resurrect the project (Loquacity 0.8 alpha1 was released on May 30, 2006), but no further progress has since been made.


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