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[CMS Made Simple]

After its initial release on July 1, 2004, CMS Made Simple could celebrate its second birthday with release 1.0, planned on July-August 2006 and featuring many improvements (update: version 1.0 has been released on September 10).

CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) can be installed via FTP, doesn’t require shell access and, according to user reviews, “makes it easy to set up a site and then hand it over to non-techies to maintain. Unlike other CMS packages, it isn’t over-complex, and it isn’t just for blogs. The drop-down site navigation menus are the icing on the cake: just so easy to use. There’s an excellent support forum too.

CMSMS is a PHP – MySQL application that relies on the Smarty Template Engine for templates, and on ADOdb Lite for the database abstraction layer. The license is GNU GPL (General Public License).


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