dBlog was born in 2003, written by Daniele (marlenek) for his personal blog, and later released to the public under the GNU GPL (General Public License) with the additional requirement to keep a link back to the dBlog website.

Out of the box dBlog is a weblog and a photoblog. Its features include RSS and Atom feeds, moderated user comments, calendar, site search, statistics, templating, and many more, like other blog and content management platforms.

Somewhat less usual are the system requirements for this platform. dBlog is not a PHP – MySQL application, but is based on ASP and the MS Access database, and requires a Windows server with IIS.

So it could be the right choice for those who prefer or need to be based on a Microsoft environment. The latest available version is dBlog 2.0, released on November 26, 2005.


  • December 8, 2006: dBlog (Directory)

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