Drupal 6.0 available


Drupal 6.0 final is now available.

This new release of Drupal offers “major usability improvements, security and maintainability advancements, friendlier installer, and expanded development framework” plus many other smaller improvements.

Usability: a new friendly installer, drag and drop administration for e.g. menu items, forums, taxonomy terms, uploaded files, and an improved multilingual interface make Drupal 6.0 easier to use.

New core modules: actions and triggers let you build a custom workflow with no programming knowledge, OpenID support is built in, the Update status module keeps you informed of new versions of Drupal, your modules and your themes.

Theming: customization of the look and feel of your site is more flexible, with improved theming structure and support for translations, usage of new jQuery 1.2.3 and a powerful Theme Developer module (a separate download) that offers handy tools to develop your own themes.

Security: password strength checking and more granular permissions let you better manage your site security, and with the core Update status module and a subscription to the e-mail Security Announcements list, you are promptly informed about new security updates.

Performance: most core modules are split into smaller pieces and only loaded when needed, resulting in less code per page, and the menu system, rewritten from scratch, is much more efficient and powerful.

To learn more on Drupal 6.0, please read the detailed release announcement.


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