In 2000, University of Antwerp student Dries Buytaert started to write a software application for his campus website, allowing his group of friends to discuss and share news and notes.

When Dries moved out after graduation, the group decided to put the internal website online, with the name drop.org, so that they could stay in touch. Only later, in January 2001, Dries decided to release the software behind drop.org, naming it Drupal.

Since these early steps, described in About Drupal – History, Drupal has evolved into an open-source platform and content management system supporting a diverse range of web projects, from personal weblogs to large community-driven sites.

Drupal is written in PHP and requires a MySQL (or PostgreSQL) database. The templating systems are XTemplate (the default theme engine for Drupal 4.6.x and previous) and the new PHPTemplate engine (default in 4.7.x).

Drupal is released under the GNU GPL (General Public License).


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