Elgg – meaning “elk” or “moose” in Scandinavia – was started by Ben Werdmuller and Dave Tosh in 2004, as a social networking platform designed especially for e-learning.

In August 2008 Elgg 1.0 was released. Elgg 1.0 has a completely rewritten core, to improve scalability and allow for greater customization; moreover, the focus has moved away from the e-learning use only, and today Elgg is a general social networking platform.

Elgg is available in two flavours, the core engine and the full package.
The core engine is for those wishing to build up their own network from the beginning, while the full package is the core engine plus a few preloaded plugins: blogs, files, pages, bookmarks, messageboard, status, TinyMCE and private messages.

Elgg is a PHP – MySQL application, requiring the Apache web server with mod_rewrite, MySQL 5+, PHP 5.2+ installed as an Apache module and with the GD, JSON and Multibyte String libraries. It’s distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.


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