EllisLab news


The pMachine company, makers of ExpressionEngine, has been rebranded as EllisLab.

Why the name change? pMachine was an outgrowth of our first, and at that time (six years ago), only product. Both our company and software were pMachine. A couple years later we released ExpressionEngine, which addressed some serious limitations of pMachine. EE essentially made pM (the software) obsolete. So when we set out to define our 2007 goals we decided it was time to move ExpressionEngine to its own site.

Actually four new websites: EllisLab, ExpressionEngine, Engine Hosting, and CodeIgniter have been launched and, yes, they all run from a single installation of ExpressionEngine.

For additional details, please refer to the EllisLab new websites announcement.


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