Etomite started as BCMS in 2003, and was known as Phase until September 2004. “Why should you choose Etomite over the other systems available? Well, it all depends on what you need a CMS for. Do you need to build a community with forums, user systems and the ability for your visitors to comment on every single piece of content in your site? Then Etomite is not the system you’re looking for (unless, of course, you write some fancy snippets or use the snippets in the forums to allow this).

Do you need a fast system, easy to install and use, that centers around content, with an intuitive user interface that lets you define exactly what your site should look like, with a growing yet dedicated community who really want to see Etomite make it big time? Then Etomite is the system you need.

The original creator of Etomite is Alex Butter, while Dean Steventon and Ralph Dahlgren are the current maintainers. Etomite is a PHP – MySQL application, and is released under the GPL (General Public License).


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