ExpressionEngine 1.5


The pMachine team is pleased to introduce ExpressionEngine 1.5, the Simple Commerce module, the Discussion Forums module 1.3.1, and the Wiki module 1.1.

ExpressionEngine 1.5 “is a major release bringing integrated commerce to ExpressionEngine along with an additional 70 features and enhancements.

The Simple Commerce Module fully integrates the purchasing power of PayPal into your existing ExpressionEngine site with this easy to use, flexible solution.

Customizable email notifications for each product, member group assignment upon purchase, built in encryption, and automated purchase tracking through PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification service give you the power you need to run your own store.

The Simple Commerce Module is included free with ExpressionEngine Personal and Commercial licenses.

For a full list of the new ExpressionEngine 1.5 features and enhancements, please read the release announcement and the change log.


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