MDLite RC released


MDPro Lite, alias MDLite, Release Candidate is ready.

After a lot of work and a lot of time, finally MDLite, for now just in RC release, is ready. To help us make the final release as soon as possible, please download it, use it, test it and report any bugs, and/or your comments and suggestions. You should also be aware that development of MDPro 1.076 has stopped, as we will turn our full attention to preparing MD 1.1. Any additional security fixes for MD 1.076 will only continue for a short time.

Another important note about MDLite is that MDLite represents a transitional development as we move toward producing MD 1.1 with a new core. As explained further below, we have rewritten a large amount of code, made it simple and easy to use, added documentation, optimized performance etc. With MDLite and MD 1.1 you will see that we have changed our philosophy and have focused on creating a small core to allow users to install ONLY the modules, blocks and addons they need.

For more information, please read the release announcement.


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