MODx Web Development – Second Edition

[MODx Web Development - Second Edition]

If you liked MODx Web Development, released by Packt on March 2009, you’ll also enjoy MODx Web Development – Second Edition, published on March 2011 and now available, see MODx Web Development – Second Edition.

This second edition offers a much needed update from MODx, covered in the first edition, to MODx Evolution 1.0.4.

The book is written for the novice MODx user, and offers a lot of screenshots, almost one per page. All these screenshots have been updated, and the new MODx terminology is now used (e.g. Documents are now Resources).

The book does not assume any prior knowledge of site development, and explains how to build a site with MODx using many step by step examples.

First come Resources and Containers (the basic elements of a MODx site) and templating (the way to style those elements according to our preferences and needs).

Then the author introduces the authentication and authorization of users, and explains Snippets, powerful tools to enhance our MODx site. Two important built-in snippets are presented: Ditto, which enables content aggregation (including tagging and feeds), and Wayfinder, which builds a variety of Resource lists, useful for instance to build navigation menus.

The final chapters are more interesting for advanced users: they discuss the PHx notation, ways to integrate forums or image galleries, and how to create snippets, plugins and modules.

Last but not least, a quick peek on the new MODx 2.0 is offered. We hope that will be the subject of the third book edition!


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