Most popular CMS in 2007


While in 2005 and 2006 Content Management Systems as a group were enjoying a steady rise in popularity, 2007 has been a year of stable if not slightly declining public interest in these systems.

The evidence comes from our Most visited CMS site report, based on Alexa traffic rankings. The absolute rankings of CMS sites are down compared with 2006, and this could be interpreted as a sign of declining interest.

Let’s now take a look at the relative rankings among CMS sites. The first three places in the popularity chart for 2007 are firmly held by the same three champions who won them in 2006: WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

WordPress released versions 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 in 2007, while Joomla! released 1.0.13 in July and 1.5 RC4 in December, and Drupal released 5.0 in January and 6.0 RC1 in December.

The fourth place belongs to Pligg, up from a very good eighth place in 2006. Pligg has just released its 9.9.0 version, and has confirmed its rising star status in the second year of its existence.

The fifth place is conquered by ExpressionEngine, up from the seventh place last year. ExpressionEngine has released its 1.6 version in June.

Mambo keeps the same sixth place it held in 2006. Mambo released two minor 4.6.x versions in April and December 2007.

Xoops drops to the seventh place, down from the fifth place in 2006. Xoops released two minor 2.0.x versions in August and December 2007.

And last but not least, the eighth place is conquered by MODx, up from the 12th place last year. MODx is a relatively young platform, it was born in 2005, and released its 0.9.6 version in May 2007.

Please note that these numbers don’t make any claim of scientific accuracy, but are intended for your entertainment only. Happy New Year!