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In her interesting page on Six Apart history Mena Trott, Six Apart co-founder, tells us how Movable Type was born.

In September of 2001, the small web design studio Ben and I worked for closed its doors. Ben and I decided to take some time off and develop our own weblogging tool that we would share with some of our friends. In September I announced we’d be releasing Movable Type. One month later, on October 8, 2001, version 1.0 was available for download.

Within the first hour over 100 people had downloaded the software and, not long after the launch, Mena and her husband realized that the scale of Movable Type’s popularity was much greater than they had expected. In July of 2002, Six Apart was founded and began operating out of their apartment.

Come May 2004, we put out a highly anticipated version of Movable Type, Movable Type 3.0. This release was significant not only because it marked a decision to officially promote the software as a platform, but also because we introduced tiered pricing for the first time. After some initial hiccups in the pricing model – we learned that going from free to pay is often hard for software companies – we came back stronger.

Movable Type is written in Perl, requires either Berkeley DB, MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL for data storage (MySQL is recommended), and provides optional support for the dynamic publishing of weblog content using PHP in addition to the Smarty Template Engine and ezSQL libraries.

Many licensing options are available, including a free version for personal use.


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