Packt’s Drupal book

[Drupal book cover]

Packt, the publishing company behind the new Drupal book have released a website designed to give more information about the book.

The website “allows you to view content from the book and also read through summaries of each chapter. Chapter 2 “Setting up the Development Environment” has been made available in its entirety for free download.

The book “Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites” is a complete guide to every aspect of creating a variety of different websites using Drupal. Aimed at beginners to the system, this contains a trove of well-considered and practical information presented in a logical and intuitive manner so that you can either build up your site step by step by reading from cover to cover or, alternatively, focus on your specific needs by diving into each chapter as required.

For more information, please visit
[Source: Online edition of Packt’s Drupal book]


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