Founded and hosted by the Web Technology Group at Appalachian State University, phpWebSite is developed by a network of developers from around the world.

According to Wikipedia, PhpWebSite began with the release of version 0.7.0 on January 29, 2001 as a fork of Php-Nuke.

A complete rewrite of phpWebSite began in March of 2002. The goals were to remove all Php-Nuke code, increase modularity, and allow multiple installs to run off a single codebase. The developers released the rewrite as phpWebsite 0.9.0 stable on February 2, 2003.

PhpWebSite 1.x began development in 2003 with the core and core modules rewritten again for new functionality and ease-of-use issues. The first edition 1.0.0 has been available since November 2006.

phpWebSite is written in PHP, requires a MySQL database and an Apache webserver, and is licensed under the GNU GPL and GNU LGPL.


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