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How many web pages are powered by our favorite blog platform or CMS? A possible answer is in the following table, that shows how many pages contain the statement “Powered by” followed by the CMS name. This number could be assumed as a measure of the CMS adoption among the Internet publishers.

Since not every CMS adopts the same credits statement, a different search string has been used where applicable. A Yahoo! web search today gives the following results (in thousands of pages found):

Search string KPages
1 Powered by WordPress 440000
2 Powered by Joomla! 49800
3 Powered by Movable Type 47100
4 Powered by Xoops 29500
5 Powered by Drupal 21300
6 Powered by Plone 18100
7 Powered by PHP-Fusion 12600
8 Powered by ExpressionEngine 10400
9 Powered by Xoops Cube 8800
10 Powered by Pligg 7810
11 Propulsé par DotClear 7020
12 Powered by Geeklog 5700
13 Powered by Nucleus 5420
14 Réalisé avec SPIP 5250
15 Powered by e107 4660
16 Powered by eZ publish 4620
17 Powered by LifeType 4430
18 Powered by Mambo 2760
19 Powered by PHP-Nuke 2640
20 Powered by Typo3 1850
21 Powered by Scoop 1730
22 Powered by bitweaver 1660
23 Powered by MDPro 1280
24 Powered by CMS Made Simple 1210
25 Powered by Serendipity 949
26 Powered by Seditio 818
27 Powered by PostNuke 778
28 Créé avec GuppY 766
29 Powered by Textpattern 659
30 Powered by CMSimple 618

Of course pages powered by a CMS but without the “Powered by” statement are not counted, so the real numbers should be even higher, and the ranking could be different.

Please note that our CMS statistics don’t make any claim of scientific accuracy, they are just intended to entertain our readers.

Only blog platforms and general content management systems are considered here; more specialized systems, e.g. those building forums, wikis, image galleries and e-commerce sites are not included.