Radiant is a CMS built using Ruby on Rails, a well known web application platform.

Radiant features an elegant administrative interface that centers around three key components:

Pages are the main content for a web site, may use Markdown, Textile, or plain HTML, and are composed of multiple parts such as a body and sidebar;

Snippets are content that can be reused in multiple places, similar to PHP includes or Rails partials;

Layouts contain most of the HTML for a page’s design. Layouts can render pages parts in any way they choose, for instance one layout could render the body and sidebar of a page, while another layout (a print layout) could render only the body.

Radiant allows you to arrange pages according to any hierarchy; e.g. a weblog in Radiant can be a collection of child pages under a parent page. Radiant has also a macro language called Radius, which makes it easy to include content from other pages, iterate over page children, and display content conditionally.

Radiant includes a caching mechanism which allows content to be cached for a maximum of 5 minutes. This ensures that content is always fresh while providing a performance advantage.

Radiant is licensed under the MIT License, so it’s free for both commercial and non-profit use. You are also free to modify and distribute Radiant as long as you don’t remove the appropriate notices from the source code.


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