Scoop is basically “somewhere between a weblog, a bulletin board, and a content management system. Superficially, it looks like a weblog, with stories displayed in reverse chronological order, and comments attached. The difference is that Scoop allows your users to drive the site by not only submitting stories, but acting as site editors and choosing which stories to publish.

Scoop is designed to enable your website to become a community. It empowers your visitors to be the producers of the site, contributing news and discussion, and making sure that the signal remains high.

A Scoop site can be run almost entirely by the readers. The whole life-cycle of content is reader-driven. They submit stories, they choose what to post, and they can discuss what they post. Readers can rate other readers comments, as well, providing a collaborative filtering tool to let the best contributions float to the top.

Scoop is written in Perl, and stores its content in a MySQL database.


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