Serendipity 1.1 released


The Serendipity Team has released Serendipity version 1.1 to the public.

This new version is aimed for feature enhancement and stability consolidation. The most important change is the overhaul of the media database. This means that you can now store and customize meta properties easily – store descriptions, EXIF-Tags and keywords which you can later see and search in your database.

The other important change is more granular plugin permission management. You can enable/disable certain markup-plugins on a per-entry basis, and allow/forbid specific usergroups to access certain plugins.

For the developers among us, it might be of interest to note that Serendipity now also supports easy custom template-engine support. Tired of Smarty? You can also use a plain old PHP template emulation or even a XSLT-transformation layer.

To learn more, please refer to the release announcement.


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