SilverStripe is a relatively new entrant in an already crowded market. SilverStripe 2.x coding began in late 2005, the code base was released under the BSD open source license in October 2006, and the stable 2.0.0 version was released in February 2007.

To differentiate itself from other systems, SilverStripe focuses on providing a simple, intuitive interface to content authors, and a flexible object-based framework to developers.

As core features SilverStripe offers, besides the administration interface, a WYSIWYG editor with links, images and tables, versioning and workflow capabilities, page hierarchy and navigation generation.

Additional modules include the forum module, the blogging module allowing multiple blogs, the event management module (commercial extension) and the e-commerce module (commercial extension).

SilverStripe requires PHP 5.2.0 or higher, MySQL 4.1 or higher, and an Apache or lighttpd web server; as already noted, it’s available under the terms of the BSD License.


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