Almost all the blogging platforms currently available are software applications we install in the server space of our hosting provider. No installation is required on our client PC, because all the creation and maintenance of our website are performed with our usual browser.

Of course hosting providers must meet the installation requirements so we can install server software: usually they must allow PHP scripting, provide a MySQL database, and facilitate URL rewriting with Apache mod_rewrite and custom .htaccess files.

When these requirements are not met, or when we are not (yet) comfortable with the involved technicalities, should we abandon the idea of a personal blog? Not at all, if we use Thingamablog.

Thingamablog (aka TAMB) is a software application we install, like any “normal” software, on our client PC, and it doesn’t require PHP, or MySQL, or mod_rewrite available on the server. A plain old web space is all we need.

What’s the secret? Well, TAMB builds all our blog’s pages on our client PC, and uploads the already built HTML pages on our server space. TAMB, like other blogging platforms, manages categories, monthly archives, calendar, comments, has customizable templates (yes, also a Kubrick theme ported from WordPress), and is freely available under the GNU GPL (General Public License).


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