TYPOlight is a web content management system that specializes in accessibility (back end and front end) and uses XHTML and CSS to generate W3C/WAI compliant pages. It was started by Leo Feyer in 2004 and is released under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

I remember that in April 2006 – about one month after TYPOlight had been released – there were about 10 registered users in the forum. It is amazing to see how far the project has come in the last two years. Today there are about 1,800 users in the forum having created more than 30,000 posts and although I know that we are still a small community, I am tremendously proud of this trend.

TYPOlight requires PHP from version 5.1.0 with the GDLib extension, and MySQL from version 4.1. Other optional PHP extensions are mcrypt for data encryption and mbstring for multibyte character handling. You can also download a system check tool, which will determine whether your hosting environment is suitable for TYPOlight.

TYPOlight was renamed Contao in June 2010.


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