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[Wolf CMS]

Wolf CMS is a fork of Frog CMS. Wolf left Frog’s development path in July 2009 (see the announcement), as the development goals of the release manager, Martijn van der Kleijn, were diverging from those of the Frog founder.

The first release, consisting mostly of Frog 0.9.5 rebranded into Wolf 0.5.5, was made available on August 4, 2009, and the next one, Wolf 0.6.0, is now in feature freeze status.

Wolf plans to be very usable for people who don’t know PHP but, in order to take full advantage of what Wolf has to offer, at least basic PHP coding skills are expected.

Wolf requires PHP5, a MySQL database or SQLite 3 with PDO, and a web server (Apache with mod_rewrite is highly recommended). It is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3.


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