Xoops was born in 2002 as an enhanced version of myPHPNuke (a fork of PHP-Nuke).

The Xoops project was at first called the myPHPNuke SE project, which was a sub project of the original MPN project. The reason we had to make it another project (as SE) was that the core was rewritten considerably to support the plug-n-play feature of modules (the original MPN was also calling some parts as modules, but they were in fact tightly integrated to the core), and that it was not very easy for us to make SE backward compatible with the original version.

At first, there were only 4 members in the SE team, which were Wanderer, goghs, Xend and Onokazu. Wanderer, goghs and Onokazu were also the core members of the original MPN team.

(Quoted from a post by Herko, former chairman of The Xoops Foundation, to the xoops.org forums).

Xoops is a PHP and MySQL application, and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). A lite Xoops can be used as a personal weblog or journal, with a standard install, and the News module only. For a medium site, you can use modules like News, Forum, Download, Web Links etc to interact with your members and visitors. For a large site as an enterprise one, you can develop your own modules such as eShop, and use Xoops user management system to seamlessly integrate your modules with the whole system.


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